Featured in the following magazines:

Title: Homogeneity is a Myth

Photographer: Michael B. Maine Photography Studio
Hair/Makeup: SALON JUEL Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Title: Ambivert 動靜

Photographer: Courtney Martin
MUAH: SALON JUEL Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Designs: SCHAI

Title: Unspoken

Photographer: Isaac Ruiz Photography
Necklaces: VINCA
MUAH: Paula Yahn - Hair and Makeup Artist
Stylist: Victor Loo

Title: Hello from the Future
Photographer: SC Photography
MUAH and Stylist: Bek Harvey

Title: Quiet Strength
Photographer: James Cheng Photography
Designer for female component: Kimmi Designs
MUAH: SALON JUEL Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Stylist: Victor Loo

Photographer: Benito 'Romero' Vasquez - Cameraman
Designer: Maria Ham
MUA: Sarah Elizabeth Hubbard
Hairstylist: Jesse Boda

Title: The Wild and the Animal
Photographer: Alisha Likér
MUAH: Caras by Mabani Makeup Artistry

Photographer: Chance Mclaren Photography
Assistant: Viktor Hancock
MUAH:  Paula Yahn - Hair and Makeup Artist
Stylist: Camren McMath


An incredible opportunity to work with some of the finest artists and designers in the world!
— VV